Botox® Treatments

Only the real Botox® in recommended doses is used at Allure Clinic in Rotterdam. Botox® can be used to soften wrinkles such as:
  • frown
  • crows feet
  • forehead wrinkles
Botox® can also be used for the treatment of:
  • hyperhidrosis (excessive transpiration)
  • bruxisme (teeth clenching / gnashing)
  • chronic headache
  • gummy smile
Botox® (botulinum toxin) is a drug that relaxes the muscles. It is mainly used in neurology to relax spastic muscles and since the 1980's used for cosmetic purposes. 

Per treatment, very small amounts of botox are injected into the muscle. A few hours afterwards, the skin kan be a little red and swollen. You can go home or to work immediately after the treatment. 

The effect is visible after a few days, and takes two weeks to be fully effective. After three to four months its effect has worked out. With recurrent use Botox will usually remain effective for a longer period of time.
You can request a botox treatment using the contact form or call +31(0)627055936.

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