Anti-ageing Treatments using Botox® and non-permanent fillers

Minimally invasive anti-ageing treatments take place in Allure Clinic. We use only leading, fully biodegradable products such as Botox® and hylauronic acid fillers such as Restylane® and Juvederm®. Of course with the utmost care and discretion.

Common treatments:
  • Soften the frown lines on the face with Botox
  • Recover volume loss with fillers
  • Treat excessive transpiration with Botox
botox filler before

botox filler after

It is important to us that a natural result is achieved that you're happy with. Therefore, during the initial consultation your wishes and the realistic outcomes of treatment are discussed. Post treatment, a follow-up is scheduled to evaluate the result.

Each treatment is customized as every face and skin type is different. The following rates however, reflect the majority of the treatments conducted.

Primary consultation € 60,-
Botox® treatment € 225,-
Filler treatment € 375,-

Our practice is located at Lara Cajko's home address. If you prefer, treatments can take place at our affiliated beauty salons and in Marbella, Spain.